About Splendour

To escape from daily routine is every ones dream. We tend to visit a place which is away from crowd, pollution and noise.

Now a days routine tourist spots like Mahabaleshwar, Matheran, Lonavala, Alibaug, etc are so crowded that we feel we should not have come here. Some times these places are more crowded than our cities.

But our need of visiting fresh and calm spots continues, so we have to find out such places for outing. We at Giridarshan trekking club, visit many odd locations while trekking, hence we know many places where there is no rush and noise.

Considering the need of nature lovers and tourists, we have decided to arrange trips to odd locations, such as trips to ancient caves, bird watching trails, one day and two day trips to beaches and sea forts and many monsoon trips. These trips will offer a great change to those who want to visit different locations.

Monsoon Trips :
From June to October, monsoon showers enhance the beauty of Sanhyadris. Green mountains, dark clouds, beautiful waterfalls, flowers of different colours provide a great variety of places to visit. Trips such as Shivthar ghal, Bhimashankar, Malshej ghat, Nane ghat, Panhalgad and Pawankhind, Kas plateau and Bamnoli, Thoseghar etc are already established but we are constantly in search of new places and add more and more locations.

Bird Watching Trails :
During winter season many birds migrate to water bodies like Ujani dam, Mayani dam, Veer dam, etc. We arrange bird watching trails to such places. Our bird experts accompany with these trips and inform you about these birds.

Trips to Sea Forts and Beaches :
In winter and summer sea side in Konkan area is a great venue to visit. We visit places such as Ganpatipule, Guhagar, Hedvi and Velneshwar, Harne and Karde, Malwan, Sindhudurga, Vijaydurga, Devgad, Vengurla, and beaches near by, where exotic locations and remote beaches are ready to welcome you.

Historical Tours :
Maharashtra has a great wealth of caves. Famous caves of Ajanta and Elora (Ajantha and Verul), Karla and Bhaja, Bedse, Thanale etc are visited during winter and summer seasons.

We also plan to visit odd but famous locations such as Lonar Sarovar, some waterfalls which flow through out the year, many ground forts where no climbing is required as well as many more sea forts.

So we welcome you to our new branch Splendour Treks and Tours for discovering joy of touring.