FAQ / Instructions

Question – What is Trekking?
Answer – Trekking is walking up the hill / fort by pathway. It does not need any mountaineering equipments like ropes, carabeners,pitons (nails) etc.
Question – Do I need prior experience?
Answer – No experience is needed, for Giridarshans Trek and Splendour Tours but for GTC Raw activities experience is needed.
Question – Who can participate?
Answer – Anybody who is able to walk for 3 hrs & has will to enjoy nature & rural life.
Question – How to participate?
Answer – For our local treks follow (go through) our upcoming trek schedule, select your suitable trek & call us 1 week before for booking.
Question – How do I register?
Answer – At the time of your first participation, you will submit registration form. No separate registration fees to be paid.
Question – What is the age group to participate?
Answer – Anybody who is physically fit, but normal age group is from 10 to 50 years.